The Opening Committee

The registration as debutante or a debutante's escort is now closed!

The traditional debutante opening ceremony is probably the most fascinating attraction of the Russian Debutante Ball in London. Dressed in long white gowns and elbow length gloves, with a tiara in their hair, the young women proceed onto the dance floor arm in arm with their tuxedoed escorts and dance to the music of the Waltz of the Flowers from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker.

The Ball provides a friendly social context where young men and women from across the globe meet one another, have a wonderful time and form lasting friendships. Besides, the Ball helps them to develop their social confidence, career networking and etiquette skills.

The young men and women, members of the Opening Committee, who spend months polishing their dance skills, will remember the experience for a long time.

Who are the debutantes?


A debutante, from the French word "débutante" meaning "female beginner", is a young lady from an aristocratic or upper class family who has reached the age of maturity. The debutante tradition has its roots in England. The Queen Charlotte's Ball was the original debutante ball, introduced in 1780 by King George III in honor of his wife's birthday.

Traditionally, the debutantes have the honour of officially opening a big society ball. This used to be the way to introduce young ladies to society. The young ladies were dressed in white, which resembled a wedding dress, to remind the society that they were ready for marriage.

Who is a Debutante today?

A debutante today has come a long way from the original definition. Today, a debutante is a young woman of high school or university age interested in maintaining the tradition of making her entrance into adulthood by taking part in a ball’s opening ceremony.

How can I participate in the opening ceremony?

Candidates, both young ladies and young men need to take part in a selection process.

To be accepted for the Russian Debutante Ball, certain conditions must be met:

• Young ladies should be at least 16 and no older than 27, unmarried.

• Young men should be at least 16 and no older than 28, unmarried.

• Candidates must be either university students or have a permanent job.

• Candidates may be newcomers or may have previously participated in our Balls in Vienna or Moscow.

• Basic ballroom and especially waltz dancing skills are required. For those newcomers who are not familiar we recommend to take dance classes in order to learn the necessary dances (please see below paragraph "Dance lessons"). Candidates must prove their dancing skills latest before the beginning of the rehearsals.

Debutantes and their partners are selected on a competitive basis. As soon as the pre-selection process is completed we will contact the selected candidates and organise an interview with them. During the interview applicants are talking to the Ball Committee, which judges their appearance and manners, level of education and foreign language skills. Candidates who are successful in the casting competition will then participate in the Opening Ceremony of the Russian Debutante Ball in London.

A registration fee will be charged after confirmation of selection by the Ball Committee and is non-refundable.

Registration fee

Registration fee is £ 250 per person.

The registration fee includes one seat at the table in the Ball Room, gala dinner and free drinks at the table till 11.30pm.

Ladies are encouraged to look for a dancing partner. If a lady does not have a dancing partner, she must request the organiser latest by end of September to find a dancing partner for her.

A registration fee will be charged after confirmation of selection by the Ball Committee and is non-refundable.

Dress code

Young ladies of the Russian Debutante Ball’s Opening Committee wear pure white, floor length evening gowns, white elbow length gloves and white dancing shoes. The hair is tied up, and a tiara crowns the look.

Young men, members to the Opening Committee, wear white tie or gala uniform, black shoes and white gloves.

Dance skills and rehearsals

Please be aware that the following dance skills are required for becoming a debutante or debutantes escort for the Ball: Viennese waltz (natural turn) and basic skills of other ballroom dances.

Candidates must prove their dancing skills latest before the beginning of the rehearsals.

The first rehearsal will be held in the evening of November 3. The second rehearsal will take place during the day of November 4. Please be aware that both rehearsals are mandatory to attend in order to learn the choreography for the Opening Ceremony.

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